Dairy Cattle

  • The milk yield is improdved:
  • South African dairy farmers have experienced an increase of up to 10% in milk production when feeding hydroponic or aeroponic green feed, as opposed to the normal total mixed ration (grain-based). This increase can be ascribed to the catalytic effect the green feed has in the rumen.
  • The butter fat content is raised: Cows fed on barley/oats green feed has an unsaturated fatty acid content that is up to 14% higher than cows fed on a total mixed ration (Ryan, 2003).
  • Premium prices are paid for higher grades of butter fat in milk.
  • The quality of the milk is improved.
  • The supplemental feeding of barley/oats green feed keeps the cows healthy.
  • The time from birth to weaning is reduced.
  • The dairy cattle experience an increase in appetite.

A marked drop in milk production is evident in cows going off the green feed during lactation.