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Product benefits

  • Guaranteed year-round green feed supply, irrespective of environmental conditions.
  • GreenFeed® Growing Systems ensures constant high quality of green feed.
  • No long-term storage of large quantities of feed is necessary, therefore there is no nutrient loss, no fire hazard and no feed becoming rancid or mouldy.
  • In the controlled environment the feed output can be regulated and controlled to fulfil livestock needs.
  • The systems are labour- and cost-effective due to the small area required.
  • 1 kg of dry barley/oats seed yields between 6 and 6.5 kg of green feed.
  • The growing cost of GreenFeed® Growing Systems would be approximately R0.32 per kg, or R320.00 per ton produced.
  • The fibre-rich root system is also consumed – therefore there is no nutrient wasting.
  • There is no more costly soil preparation, planting, irrigation, fertilising, mowing, windrowing, baling and hammer milling.
  • The system can help the farmer produce 1 to 200 tons of aeroponically grown barley/oats green feed per day, 365 days a year.
  • A central computerised monitoring system makes the operation of the greenhouse simple. The maintenance of this system is not costly.
  • The green feed produced is highly palatable, nutritious and contaminant-free.